New truck-mounted concrete pump Liebherr 47 M5 XXT

Truck-mounted concrete pump 47 M5 XXT with optimised boom and innovative support.

Liebherr 47 M5 XXTThe truck-mounted concrete pump 47 M5 XXT has been completely revised and now offers additional advantages to provide added customer value. In particular, in-house development and optimisation of the boom stood at the forefront of this revision.

The new 47 m, 5-section multi-fold distributor boom is extremely torsionally-resistant, ensuring that vibrations are reduced to an absolute minimum when unfolding the boom on the building site. To ensure a balanced weight distribution, the concrete pipeline is configured close to the boom on both left and right hand sides. Minimal pressure loss over the entire length of the distributor boom is guaranteed by the pipe bend in the concrete pipeline featuring a radius of 275 mm.

Patent protected, and therefore the only one of its kind available on the market, Liebherr’s XXT narrow support is low torsion and extremely robust. The front and rear outriggers are secured directly onto the boom pedestal of the distributor boom, ensuring that all forces bypass the boom completely and are channelled directly into the outriggers. Four pivoting outriggers guarantee maximum flexibility and an extremely wide swing range of the distributor boom when supporting in a narrow configuration. This can prove decisive when working on building sites with restricted access.

The truck-mounted concrete pump 47 M5 XXT can either be equipped with the powerful 140HL high-pressure pump units featuring a maximum flow rate of 140 m³/h, or with the160HL featuring an output of 160 m³/h.